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We changed health insurance and supplementary insurance in November 2019 via neotralo AG. The process was totally straightforward. Thank you very much
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What does traffic legal protection mean

What does traffic legal protection mean?

What does traffic legal protection mean? Legal protection insurance must be supplemented by various individual insurance policies. In this way, traffic legal protection can be concluded, which takes over the sometimes high expenses in traffic law disputes.

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Health insurance comparison: How to compare health insurance in Switzerland correctly

In Switzerland you have the right in every canton a health insurance of your choice to be insured. You can change health insurance until the end of November. With the health insurance comparison 2020 from you can compare all health insurance companies and experience the savings potential immediately!

There are various benefits that are covered in the so-called basic insurance and many offers for supplementary supplementary insurance. 

Individually according to age and life situation, the health insurance companies in Switzerland offer different services with different contributions. Rising and varying premiums and contributions often make it difficult to find the right health insurance company. 

A health insurance comparison in Switzerland is therefore definitely always worthwhile. This gives you the opportunity to compare the huge repertoire of providers directly and not only save a lot of money, but also make an informed decision about protecting your health. 

You can find out how to compare health insurance companies in Switzerland correctly here at

Health insurance premiums: Your health insurance in Switzerland must suit you

On health insurance exchange at regular intervals is time consuming and certainly not in your mind. We update the health insurance premiums annually and do the hard work for you!

Before you decide on a health insurance company, you should orient yourself according to the appropriate search criteria. If Contributions to fitness programs, Visual aids, maternity benefits or a cover for tooth corrections, an individual solution should be in the foreground for every insured person. How to prevent possible gaps in coverage for illnesses, accidents or one maternity optimally before. 

If you have special high-risk hobbies or are very active in sports, your body can be exposed to different stresses than a body that is used more when sitting. Previous illnesses that require special assistance and special care must also be taken into account when choosing your health insurance.

Tip: Since the health insurance companies in Switzerland are not allowed to reject anyone and a prior health check is not necessary, you are free to decide which special offers within a service catalog are advantageous for you and which health insurance company in Switzerland is best for you.

Health insurance premiums 2020: Make sure that the premiums and contributions are matched to your income

In the coming year, the health insurance premiums for numerous insured persons will decrease in 2020!

According to statistical surveys in 2016, Switzerland has the second highest per capita income in the world after Luxembourg. The contributions of health insurance companies in the Alpine Republic are of course correspondingly high. 

When comparing health insurance for Switzerland, you should of course not neglect your monthly income. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee and are therefore privately or legally insured should definitely be considered in your considerations. The health insurance companies in Switzerland offer useful supplementary insurance that suits your job and your financial options. 

Tip: Good research and an independent consultation will definitely help you in your final decision-making.

Health insurance comparison: Use independent health insurance comparison portals such as neotralo, swupp or Comparis health insurance

Spoiled for choice. An independent online health insurance comparison makes your decision easier. Every health insurance company in Switzerland advertises its advantages and those who are not careful are quick to conclude the wrong contracts. 

Independent health insurance comparison portals such as neotralo, swupp or comparis Health Insurance Comparison 2020 show you an objective overview and refrain from advertising for individual providers. If there are current offers that are really worthwhile for the insured, they can also be used without conditions. 

Tip: Do not limit the health insurance comparison to just one source of information, but also compare it reviews the individual portals with each other. And if you get a good personal recommendation from a neighbor from Switzerland, a second look is always worthwhile.

For a sound health insurance comparison, it is always worth considering the associated franchise

In Switzerland, you have to pay an own contribution for certain services in the hospital, at the specialist or for some medication. This Share in the costs consists of the so-called franchise and a deductible of ten percent.

The franchise is paid once a year and, depending on the amount, you decide how much additional payment you want to take on in the event of illness, for example. The minimum amount of the franchise is CHF 300 and can be expanded to CHF 2500.

The higher the franchise amount, the lower the monthly cost of health insurance premiums.

Nevertheless, the premiums are still very different in the whole comparison. That is why it is advisable to compare the different offers of the health insurance companies in detail. Find out how the franchise affects your tariff and how it relates to the services and additional payments!

A comparison can be profitable for you, because many health insurance companies in Switzerland grant you lucrative depending on the franchise Discounts, These were again set by the Swiss Federal Council in 2019 and offer you the opportunity to save some money if you are willing to pay a higher franchise.

Of course, the amount of the franchise to be paid annually must also match your financial resources. Many clients prefer to pay the health insurer a little more a month than a single large amount once a year. You can also rely on the health insurance company to cover all of the benefits.

Tip: So take enough time before making a final decision!

In Switzerland, you can also choose between the family doctor model and the HMO and Telmed model

At the Practitioner model Your health insurance company will provide you with a list of mostly regionally based general practitioners from which you can choose to be treated. 

The selected doctor will then refer you to a specialist if necessary. The premium savings here can be up to 20% because information can be bundled better and treatments can be coordinated more effectively. 

With the health insurance model HMO undertake to always go to the health center proposed by the health insurance company. In a health center there are general practitioners, therapists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and some specialists. 

An HMO doctor receives a monthly flat rate for his services from the health insurance company. This avoids unnecessary treatments that cause high costs. 

According to your wishes, you can choose one of these models, which supports the respective health insurance company.

Health is our most important asset

If you want to protect your health and enjoy it for a long time, then securing it should be important to you. The right health insurance company provides you with extensive care and adapts to your needs. A well-founded comparison of health insurance companies is therefore always advisable.