10 tips for healthy weight loss

The following tips will help you lose weight healthily. It's not just about reducing the amount of calories, it's about changing everyday life. Perceive your diet differently and appreciate it. Try to enjoy small successes and avoid unhealthy crash diets, which only end in frustration anyway.

1. Eat slowly

Do you know that? You are extremely hungry and devour a large portion within a very short time. Only then do you realize that it was too much now. The amount of calories you consumed is enough for a whole day! Therefore: Eat slowly and put the cutlery aside in between. Chew slowly and taste the intense aromas, which often only develop properly after some time of chewing. You will automatically eat less without going hungry!

2. Don't go hungry

It seems logical: those who eat as little as possible lose weight faster. But that's not true! The body switches to a kind of hunger metabolism and reduces its consumption. Suddenly he gets along with much less and you don't lose weight even though you eat like a mouse. As soon as you eat properly afterwards, your body will be happy and bunker energy for the next hunger period. The yo-yo effect is there!

3. Relieve stress

A body that is under constant stress does not lose weight. After all, he needs every energy that he receives to manage the stressful times and to maintain your psychological and physical stability. Therefore, try to reduce stress during the day and plan enough rest times. Get enough sleep and try relaxation exercises. These soon let the stress drop almost on command.

4. Eat chocolate

Such a tip for losing weight? Yes, because those who only adhere to prohibitions will eventually relapse. But then with all his might and the craving for sweets becomes a real orgy. It is better if you treat yourself to a piece of chocolate more often and enjoy it. Close your eyes and focus entirely on the taste.

5. Drink more milk

Whole milk is a real calorie bomb and is rightly considered a meal and not a drink. However, there are studies that say that milk drinkers are leaner than people who consistently avoid milk. Replace the afternoon cake with a glass of milk and you will see that you will be full longer and will have less appetite for sweets.

6. Be a child

No, it does not mean general behavior. But there are sports that are still preferred by children. These are less about sport than for fun. But both can be combined excellently and you can, for example, book rope skipping or trampoline jumping as a great fitness exercise. You consume a lot of calories: Rope skipping is up to 300 Kcal in ten minutes!

7. Exercise

Of course, healthy weight loss also requires a lot of exercise. But that does not mean that an absolute grumpy sportsman is a must Fitness subscription required. Just try to incorporate more movement into your everyday life. For example, you can take the stairs rather than the elevator, ride your bike to work or get off the train one station earlier than you wanted. Go to the swimming pool with the children or explore the forest with your dog. More exercise does not mean that you have to do sweaty sport.

8. Schedule fixed appointments

This does not mean the usual appointments that have to be scheduled for work and family. Rather, it is about the dates that are available for you. If you want to lose weight, you have to do something for it regularly. So that the inner piggy does not get bigger than your good intentions in everyday life, you should plan fixed days a week for sports, walks or even more exercise. These appointments will soon become a habit and you will no longer have to insist that they will be kept.

9. Simply switch off

We all know that: in the evening the television is switched on, we lounge on the couch and let the day (far too long) end in front of the tube. Most of the time there isn't even anything exciting that would justify staying up for so long! Just switch off and plan to do without TV at least one day a week. In time, you could also move more or just go to sleep.

10. Forget counseling

There are countless guides that want to show you how to lose weight. But all the great tips don't help if you aren't convinced of it. Forget about the guides, too, who are guru-like and sell their philosophy as the ultimate. It is almost impossible to lose 20 kg in a week or to make a similar concept work. Find your own path, which usually consists of a combination of different tips. Above all, rely on the proven and not on new promises.

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