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Free of charge for the fitness subscription

You may now say that CHF 200 would not be enough to get a fitness subscription. But our bonus is only an addition! Take the Swica health insurance company, for example, which is one of those in Switzerland where the insured are most satisfied with price and benefits. 

Swica offers the additional insurance OPTIMA to cover up to 90 percent of the costs of the fitness subscription per year.

A maximum of CHF 500 is granted regularly and up to CHF 300 through supplementary insurance, which makes up CHF 800 in total. Per year! If you then add our bonus, when you switch to Swica, you are at CHF 1,000, which you will receive as a gift for your fitness subscription. 

Most subscriptions also move at this level, some of which even include a visit to a sauna and thus represent a mixture of fitness and wellness. You receive a fitness subscription free of charge for at least the first year thanks to the Swica and us bonus. The health insurance companies do not only cover the costs for pure fitness training.

Pregnancy gymnastics or the participation in courses that serve health care are also promoted.

It is important to know, however, that the benefits provided by health insurance companies are not always as good as with the Swica shown above, as the differences in price and performance are sometimes serious. Many health insurance companies only pay up to 50 percent of the fitness costs per year. 

For example, the EGK Sun 3 pays a maximum of CHF 360 per year if it has participated in at least 36 training sessions. Helsana Completa and Helsana Sana cover up to 75 percent of the costs, but the maximum is CHF 200 in one area and up to CHF 500 in total.

Funding requires proof

If you want to benefit from the premium and want to take into account the offers of the health insurance companies, you should carefully examine the conditions that are linked to the payment of the money. Because it may be that you have to prove a fixed number of trainings so that the reimbursement of the costs is even considered. 

If you are ill for a long time and cannot take part in the necessary training courses in the year in question, you should inquire at your cash register about the further procedure.

Another important point: Not all fitness centers are accepted by health insurance companies.

If you want to change the cash register because you want to receive a subsidy for the fitness subscription, you should therefore inquire beforehand at which studio you can sign the contract. Otherwise, you have a fitness subscription and go to training hard, but you still have to bear the costs yourself. 

The so-called Qualitop seal is usually required, which stands for the fulfillment of fixed standards in health and fitness prevention.

As a rule, it is not worth changing health insurance just because of the premium!

Please make a precise comparison of the future costs before you decide to take out insurance. The premium is granted annually, but other costs can be significantly higher and make up for this advantage.


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