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What is life insurance?

Life insurance can perform different functions. It can be both pension provision and risk protection in the event of death. In addition, life insurance can be taken out as a mixed insurance and thus provides for death and possible disability. From a tax point of view, the different variants have advantages.

There are these life insurance policies:

    • Risk life insurance with death insurance

This type of life insurance pays a fixed benefit if the policyholder dies within the agreed term. The benefit is paid in cash and serves to protect the surviving dependents. The amount of the insurance amount can be freely determined. An extension to cover disability is possible.

    • Risk life insurance with disability

The benefits that are provided as part of accident insurance or from occupational pension schemes for disability are often inadequate. Private life insurance can supplement these benefits and is paid in the event of illness or accident-related incapacity for work. Protection against death can also be included.

    • Mixed life insurance

Death and incapacity for work are covered, as are old-age provision. This means that a capital-building life insurance is integrated to build wealth. After the agreed term has expired, the policyholder will receive the saved capital plus interest and profit sharing. A minimum interest rate is guaranteed.

    • Unit-linked life insurance

It is a form of mixed life insurance. The savings capital is either invested in full or at least in part in investment funds. The risk to capital increases, but at the same time the opportunities for returns also increase.

Life insurance as a pension plan?

Pension provision in Switzerland is based on the three-pillar principle, whereby life insurance can be included in the third pillar. To this end, it is taken out as pure risk life insurance or as a mixed life insurance. The capital is paid out in the event of death or when the agreed insurance term is reached. In addition, the pension can be included in the event of disability. A distinction is made between two pillars:

    • Pillar 3a

Mixed life insurance, life insurance and life annuity come into consideration as insurance products. The contributions are deductible from taxable income up to the statutory maximum, and a reduced tax rate is applied to this capital upon payment. This variant is possible for all employed persons with their main residence in Switzerland and thus for all taxable employees and the self-employed.

    • Pillar 3b

Mixed life insurance as well as risk life insurance and life annuity are also to be insured here. The deposits are not subject to deduction and therefore there are no tax advantages. During the term, the surrender values are taxed as assets. On the other hand, the capital saved is tax-free upon payment. This variant is possible for all Swiss adults.

6 reasons for life insurance

Before you take out life insurance in Switzerland, gives you valuable tips so that you are perfectly informed.

1. What you should consider before concluding a life insurance contract:

Life insurance is a decision for a long time and deals with one of the most important issues for you personally. The financial protection of your relatives and your necessary provision in old age have absolute priority for you. Life writes its own stories, and being protected in an emergency takes the burden off your mind and worry about uncertainty. The chosen insurance must suit you financially and according to needs. A detailed needs analysis of your lifestyle is an advantage. 

If you are planning a family, want to start your own business or want to travel around the world, your life insurance should cover all eventualities. offers you an independent comparison of offers from insurers across Switzerland. We answer your inquiries reliably and are at your side with our experts when it comes to these important decisions.

2. You get guaranteed benefits:

Life and pension insurance are subject to strict controls and are guaranteed in the event of an insured event according to the contractually agreed conditions. Insurers are legally obliged to meet your benefits, so life insurance is always a good and safe investment. 

The payment amount for unit-linked insurance is tied to the respective rate. In any case, the insurer must either pay an agreed pension or trigger the one-off payment on time. In the event of an insolvency of the insurance company, state authorities and institutes are responsible for the payments so that you are guaranteed to be covered.

3. How to determine your fundable contribution amounts:

In addition to the expected benefits, the amount of the premium is one of the most important issues when taking out life insurance. It essentially depends on the agreed sum insured or pension, the existing state of health, the term of the contract and the insurer itself. Additional benefits, high-risk hobbies are also conditional factors. The payment method is monthly, quarterly to yearly and can be paid in installments. 

Dynamic insurance policies, which are automatically adjusted to the market situation, ensure a stable and growing sum insured. If your life takes a different turn and you want to adjust the contributions, your insurance company will inform you of all the modalities that are related to this. Exemptions from contributions are also possible within the framework of the minimum insurance sum. But they often lead to loss of risk protection and should therefore be avoided. 

Check in advance which premiums are within your financial framework and which amount of insurance is appropriate. Depending on the life situation, your life insurance must be up to date, because it secures your standard of living and your loved ones.

4. What is the term of a life insurance policy in Switzerland?

In the contract, the term is usually determined according to the policyholder's wishes, either until death or with the limitation of an age. If the policyholder's death has not occurred after the contractually agreed term has expired, the insurance sum will also be paid in full. As an investment, this life insurance is worthwhile as a pension in old age. 

The risk life insurance is a protection for the surviving dependents, because it is only paid in the actual event of the death of the policyholder. Discuss the framework conditions for life insurance in detail with your relatives or let the excellent advisors from provide you with extensive information. You don't have to make such an important decision alone. We are glad to be here for you!

5. How do you secure the benefits from your life insurance in Switzerland?

The first thing your survivors should do immediately in the event of death is to report this to the insurance company if life insurance is to be paid out. These notification obligations are regulated in the contract. On the subject of suicide, there are generally clauses on minimum terms of a term, which often state that life insurance will not be paid out if the insured person commits suicide shortly after taking out life insurance. The average period is three years. Only the surrender value is usually transferred to the relatives. 

There are exceptions, however. If, for example, the insured person committed suicide due to a mental illness, the insurance company is obliged to pay benefits. Most insurance companies therefore insist on a health check in advance. In a mixed life insurance policy, the pension or the one-off payment is paid out to the insured after the contractually agreed term ends as a secure retirement pension. Capital-forming life insurance policies are always a lucrative way to save money for old age.

6. Why you should not cancel life insurance in Switzerland before the term expires:

Life insurance policies are designed to protect you in old age or to offer your relatives reliable financial support. That is why life insurance is taken out for a long time. In Switzerland, it is not recommended to terminate life insurance prematurely. This often results in high losses and an important part of your pension provision is lost. Your family and friends have no protection in the event of your death and have to cope with additional financial setbacks.

What makes life insurance in Switzerland so important to you?

Life insurance is more than just insurance that is necessary in everyday life. The right life insurance is important to you personally, because it should protect your family and loved ones in an emergency and be a perfect provision. In Switzerland, the repertoire of life insurance is large and many different providers and insurers advertise with different tariffs and benefits. 

If you have long lost sight of it and cannot make up your mind, you can now benefit from our clear and ingenious platform. At you can compare numerous offers free of charge and can clearly see all the benefits and services at the relevant conditions. You will receive all information on contributions, terms and general conditions and can make the right choice for your life insurance from home. To ensure that you and your relatives are covered according to your wishes, is your professional and independent consultant at no additional cost.

How does the pension system work in Switzerland?

The pension system in Switzerland is based on three different pillars. For example, provision is regulated at the 1st state level as well as at the 2nd professional and 3rd private level. Depending on the selection, you can, for example, pay into a so-called pension fund in the second pillar or join a pension fund of an industry association as a sole trader. 

The third pillar private life insurance policies are in turn divided into linked life insurance policies (pillar 3a) and unbound life insurance policies (pillar 3b). Unbound life insurance, called free life insurance, is suitable for protecting private investments, investments and home ownership. 

Here, however, the premiums paid cannot be deducted from income tax, for example. Pillar 3a life insurance policies are deductible from taxable income. The income from the interest gained is tax-free and you as the policyholder only have to pay a small tax contribution.

Why is life insurance in Switzerland an advantage for you?

In Switzerland, you benefit from guaranteed benefits from your insurer. In old age, for example, you can receive a monthly secure pension or generate a large amount of capital, which you can then have paid out. 

In addition to private retirement provision, the relevant life insurance policies in Switzerland always provide financial protection for your relatives as soon as you have signed the contract. In the event of an accident or incapacity to work, insurers offer offers that will help you sleep more relaxed. At you can compare all offers quickly and directly from home and get the best offer without waiting long.

For whom is life insurance so important in Switzerland?

With this insurance, the protection of your family is paramount. In the event of death, life insurance pays for the financial provision. The beneficiaries are defined before the contract is concluded and can always be changed or supplemented. In addition, no relatives have to suffer from the loss. Children, spouses and other relatives or friends do not have to worry about what to expect afterwards. 

Home ownership can be secured for the surviving dependents in the long term. Losing a loved one is sad anyway. Then nobody should have to leave their home or a familiar place. The insurance policies at are a reassuring way to take away these worries. In Switzerland, benefits from the pension fund are normally only paid to cohabiting couples (married couples). 

Life insurance can also close the gap. Individual entrepreneurs who do not necessarily have to pay into the occupational pension scheme under the second pillar are happy to use private insurance. In this way you can maintain your usual standard of living in old age. The company is also financially covered even after the owner's death and the company can continue to run smoothly. explains which types of life insurance are possible in Switzerland so that you are well informed.  

1. Death insurance / life insurance:

Risk life insurance as an individual insurance is a private insurance in Switzerland that financially covers all survivors, a company, business partners and associations in the event of death. The agreed amount will then be paid to the respective beneficiaries. With the associated life insurance, two people are mutually insured. In a family with two main earners, this protects income. 

The same applies to companies. The partner tariff is usually even cheaper. In the event that both policyholders die at the same time, the agreed amount is paid once to, for example, the registered children or business partners.

2. Unit-linked life insurance:

Unit-linked life insurance is a capital life insurance in which the insured participates in price gains and losses. The advantage of this type of life insurance is that in the event of death, relatives receive financial protection and at the same time you can invest all or part of your invested capital in an investment fund. Gains are then gratifying. Prevention in old age is crucial here. 

If you want to maintain your standard of living and live financially well in retirement, this life insurance has the advantage of increasing the value of your investments. The unit-linked life insurance includes tax-privileged provision and risk protection based on the stock market development. The premium of this insurance consists of a risk, cost and savings part. 

The benefits in the event of death are financed with the risk component. Most of the premium, the savings portion, is invested in the fund selected by the insured, thus opening up the pension capital. Annual tax savings are added to the long-term return prospects. The annual premiums are deducted from taxable income under pillar 3a.

3. The mixed life insurance:

 In Switzerland, this type of life insurance is one of the most frequently chosen forms of insurance. This classic life insurance is an asset-building pillar 3b insurance in Switzerland's pension model and combines financial protection through death insurance with a savings model for old-age provision. If you are no longer able to work due to an illness or a stroke of fate, you have the option to insure yourself for a premium exemption in advance. 

After the death of the policy holder or when the insurance expires, the amount is paid to the surviving dependents and, in the event of disability, directly to the insured. All insurance benefits are guaranteed and the paid-up capital is paid with interest. The profit sharing (bonus) also makes this type of life insurance attractive. 

If the insurance provider generates more income than expenditure each year, you, as the policyholder, will share in the profits. The duration and premiums are offered and contractually agreed by the insurance company individually and depending on the required pension package. That is why it is an advantage to be well informed about all conditions and services. At you will always receive professional advice.

4. Disability insurance:

 If you are no longer able to pursue a profession due to illness or an accident and your income is at risk, this insurance applies and ensures your maintenance. Either you will receive a monthly lump sum or you will be paid an additional compensatory pension taking into account the pension entitlements. 

These mostly supplementary 30-40 percent secure your standard of living. At the same time, you can safeguard your capital and your place of residence by extending the disability insurance so that it continues to service current loans or pay out the savings as capital. The occupational disability insurance is not to be confused with the disability pension. This pays the agreed pension if the insured person can no longer pursue his last profession.

Numerous insurance institutions offer various supplements and forms of insurance tailored to your needs. With you can compare all offers quickly and free of charge and get the insurance package you want.

Mixed life insurance provider: A small overview

societyInsurance typedurationannual premiumendowment
BaslerMixed insurance20 years5000132'393
Swiss LifeMixed insurance20 years5000130'120
AXA WinterthurMixed insurance20 years5000128'394
PaxMixed insurance20 years5000124'129
ZurichMixed insurance20 years5000112'205
HelvetiaMixed insurance20 years5000108'893
Group MutuelMixed insurance20 years5000105'708
furnishingsMixed insurance20 years5000105'248
allianceMixed insurance20 years5000104'742

Life insurance provider: A small overview

societyInsurance typedurationannual premiumendowment
BaslerEndowment insurance20 years5000136'511
Swiss LifeEndowment insurance20 years5000133'004
AXA WinterthurEndowment insurance20 years5000130'871
PaxEndowment insurance20 years5000125'638
ZurichEndowment insurance20 years5000110'487
Group MutuelEndowment insurance20 years5000108'908
furnishingsEndowment insurance20 years5000108'365
allianceEndowment insurance20 years5000102'498

Conclusion: is your companion for your ideal life insurance.

Life insurance is not just insurance against damage and daily circumstances, but is primarily concerned with things that affect your future and the life of your family and relatives. Nobody likes to think about death and how things go in the event of death. But especially if other people are involved or you want to make a reliable provision for your age yourself, a decision is already relevant. With life insurance, you can protect your loved ones and yourself from many worries. 

Life progresses unconditionally and those who experience a lot in old age, want to know their friends and family in good hands and do not want to worry about a pension can secure many situations and circumstances with life insurance in Switzerland. Numerous insurance companies have specialized in the field of life insurance and their offers are varied and complex. In order for you to find the perfect solution and suitable insurance, a thorough analysis of your personal life situation and needs is necessary. 

The independent experts from regularly compare all current offers from insurers across Switzerland. You can choose a life insurance policy that is perfectly tailored to your needs, free of charge, conveniently and easily from home. Send us your inquiry without obligation. After a professional comparison, you will receive the suitable offers from us and you can then make a decision without time pressure. The good feeling of having found the right insurance and not having to worry about it in an emergency is priceless. It is not your perfect life insurance. All conditions, terms, contributions and services correspond to your personal wishes and advises you confidently and competently.

Make your non-binding inquiry now and fill out our contact form. We will immediately take care of a meaningful comparison and create the best offers with the right conditions for you free of charge! Life insurance policies at are guaranteed to be reliable and qualified!

A case study:

When Karina's life was suddenly no longer the same.

When Karina L. from Bern looked out the window on her 30th birthday, the streets of the small alley lay in a white glow. It had been snowing all night and since Karina had her birthday in the middle of the Christmas vacation on December 28th, the loving Christmas lights of her parents' house were reflected on the glittering surfaces of the paths. Everything seemed peaceful and the kitchen on the ground floor smelled of coffee. Marina's mother loved the time between Christmas and the New Year. 

The whole family was finally reunited after a long year. Karina's brother Tobi only came home from Christmas on his expeditions to distant countries and Karina came from Zurich as always. She studied biology there and was in the process of writing her master's thesis. After Christmas, it was tradition to celebrate your birthday with Karina. Her friend Marco looked Karina deeply in the eyes and congratulated her on her special day with an intimate kiss. It rumbled below and a door flew shut. 

Karina knew exactly who got the fresh bread from your favorite baker in the morning. It could be storming, raining or snowing, nothing could stop her father from giving his daughter the "best rolls in Switzerland". to serve for breakfast. Karina jumped out of bed happily and warned Marco to hurry. She didn't want to miss a minute of that day. After warm hugs and happy birthday, Karina's brother Tom appeared completely sleepy in the kitchen. With a small package packed in hand, Tom congratulated Karina on her birthday and poured herself coffee to wake up to. This day could not have started better for Karina, but Karina had not seen how sad it would end for her and her family. 

After a lunch together with their Italian friend, the family went for a walk in the snow. The cold and fresh air played around Karina's nose. She laughed exuberantly with her mother about Tom's strange choice of shoes consisting of two different sports shoes. Suddenly Karina froze. Her father suddenly collapsed before her eyes and lay lifeless on the white snow. Karina's mother screamed his name, but her father didn't answer. Marco immediately called the emergency doctor. Karina's father stopped breathing and every attempt by Tom to revive his father failed. When the emergency doctor arrived, the family was bitterly certain. Karina's father died of a heart attack on her 30th birthday. A world collapsed for Karina. 

After a few days and weeks of grief, the family had to think about the future. Financial loss due to the lack of paternal income was one of the family's greatest concerns. How should things go now? To Karina's relief, her mother explained that her father had taken out life insurance a few years ago. Karina's father had always wanted her to pursue her dreams and goals without worrying about financial matters. Karina always studied biology with pride and ambition for her father. 

How happy Karina would have celebrated the graduation with him. The death insurance enables her to take this degree two years later and Karina is still grateful to her father that she made it possible for him with the financial security. The family income was also insured with a corresponding sum insured and the family home was not at risk of being sold. Karina's father made provisions for every case at an early stage and thus created a secure income for his relatives after his death. Grief remains in the heart, but life could go on.

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