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10 questions and answers about animal insurance

The following questions and answers provide you with important information about animal insurance

1. What does animal insurance cover?

Animal insurance operates within the agreed performance framework and covers insured events per year. For this, a maximum coverage amount is determined, which applies per event or per year. Among other things, the costs for the veterinarian and his work, for medication administered, hospital stays, surgical interventions, some homeopathic and alternative treatments as well as for radiological examinations and other therapeutic measures are covered.

2. At what age can I insure my animal?

Most insurers accept dogs and cats from the age of three months. In many cases, the maximum age is seven years. However, if the animal is already covered by this provider, it will not be excluded from the insurance once the maximum age limit has been reached. The maximum age usually only applies to new admissions.

3. Which animals can I insure?

Most providers offer insurance contracts for dogs and cats. Individual insurers offer animal insurance for horses, few also include pet birds, llamas and other pets in the insurance. Small rodents and exotic animals are usually excluded from the insurance.

4. Which is better: individual animal insurance or combination product?

Some insurers offer animal insurance as an additional product in household insurance. This is fundamentally possible and can have a favorable effect on the premiums for both insurance companies. Basically, there is nothing against one or the other option of insurance, and taking out animal insurance as an additional product can also make financial sense. A precise comparison is important!

5. What do I do in the event of damage?

In the event of damage (illness or accident to the insured animal), the insurer must be informed immediately. He is also entitled to the delivery of medical documents and reports. The assumption of costs should be clarified before deciding on expensive treatment measures.

6. How much are the contributions for animal insurance?

The premiums depend on the scope of the animal insurance benefits and the deductible. Very good insurance is available for premiums between CHF 300 and CHF 500 a year. With an increase in the deductible, equivalent products can be saved up to CHF 100 a year.

7. Can the animal insurance be canceled by the insurer in the event of damage?

Yes, as with any other insurance, the provider can terminate the contract after settling a claim. As a pet owner and policyholder, however, you also have the special right of termination.

8. Are there any surcharges for certain animal species?

In general, the premiums are based on the scope of services agreed for the animal insurance. However, for some animal species, special risks are insured separately. For fallow deer and red deer or llamas, fire and lightning, disappearance and theft are treated as additional risks and increase the premiums accordingly.

9. Is the insurance worth it at all?

Those who barely make ends meet on a monthly basis and have to keep to a tight budget are well advised with animal insurance because they cover the important and, above all, expensive treatment costs. However, if you can save a fixed amount each month for possible treatment costs, you do not necessarily have to take out animal insurance. Particularly high-quality animals should always be insured separately (including guide dogs and tracking dogs).

10. Can I also insure a sick animal?

This is usually not possible because animals with previous illnesses, chronic illnesses or diseases are excluded from insurance. This protects insurers from high costs that cannot be recovered by paying the premiums.