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Household insurance: the most important questions & answers

Household insurance is not compulsory, but is recommended considering the risk of damage from theft, fire or broken glass.

Should I take out household insurance?

Yes, it is absolutely advisable to take out household insurance, because damage from a leaked aquarium, an overflowed bathtub or broken windows can quickly become expensive. A break-in, theft or fire can also cost you dearly. The household contents insurance covers the damage and reimburses the insured amounts.

What is covered by home insurance?

As the name suggests, the household contents insurance covers damage to the household contents. This includes electrical appliances as well as furniture and clothing. Vandalism, fire, water, burglary and theft are the common risks that you can insure against with home insurance. The new value of the products is used as a basis. In addition, other costs are reimbursed, such as costs for the replacement of locks, furniture cleaning or overnight stays in the hotel.

Is there a deductible?

As a rule, a deductible is agreed, which is between 200 and 500 Swiss francs. You bear this yourself. The sum that exceeds the deductible is covered by the insurance.

What insured amounts are possible?

The sum insured should always be as high as the value of the household items. If there is underinsurance in the event of a claim, the benefits will be reduced and you will not receive the full damage. Overinsurance, on the other hand, only drives up premiums and does not help you. Decisive is always the new value of the household goods, you will no longer get replaced. Important: Check your insurance status regularly and adjust the insurance sums if necessary.

Is there automatic theft insurance?

Protection against burglary is always included in the household contents insurance. For this purpose, the perpetrator penetrates your premises, although in theory there is also the possibility that only one container is broken open. Simple thefts that are committed abroad must be included separately in the household contents insurance. Thefts are insured here that do not fall under the definition of burglary or robbery (theft under the threat or perpetration of violence). Lost items cannot be insured separately.

Are bicycles insured?

Bicycles are only insured outside of your apartment or house if you have the option? Simple theft away? have completed with. This option also includes handbags or notebooks if they are carried and stolen on the go.

What does household insurance cost?

The value of the objects to be insured as well as possible additional options are decisive for the premium amount in household insurance. On average, premiums between 150 and 300 Swiss francs can be expected, although particularly expensive items can of course increase insurance costs significantly.

Should broken glass be recorded separately?

Broken glass can be insured separately in household insurance, which is also recommended. This includes broken windows because, for example, the children's football did not hit the goal but the window. Broken panes of furniture or a good display case can also be insured with it. Broken glass is not automatically included in the home contents insurance.

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