About neotralo AG

Neotralo is a Swiss online comparison service. Health insurance companies, banks, loans and insurance companies can be compared quickly and easily on the platform. In addition, neotralo offers the option of making an offer request directly to the relevant provider with just one click.

The story behind it

It all started with a vision. When the three founders Raphael Ferrer, Marcos Steiner and Ali Tuygu launched neotralo AG in 2019, everyone agreed: Life has to be easier again. And cheaper.
It was explained to develop a platform on which offers can be quickly and easily compared, offers can be requested and second opinions can be obtained. And it's free and anonymous. A neutral and independent institution, free of advertising or other paid content. The name? Neotralo? pressed on.
Besides the heart of the website? the comparison service? the magazine section forms an informative platform on which the user receives practical tips and tricks as well as in-depth information about the core topics of neotralo. In the future, the offer should be expanded continuously. The declared goal is to assist 10 million users with action and advice every year by 2025 and to help keep an overview in the thicket of the Swiss insurance and banking world.

Neutrality is our greatest asset

Since neotralo works on a commission basis and does not receive any money from advertising or politics, independence remains guaranteed. All providers listed on the platform pay neotralo a one-time commission for each contact made.

We are not brokers

Our comparison service is voluntary and free for the user. We do not impose our service on anyone. Anyone who wants to find out about the optimization options without obligation is welcome at neotralo. Neotralo does not prefer individual providers nor are users pushed to a specific offer. Everyone decides which solution or product best suits him / her. Neotralo is at your side with advice and action.

The team

Our team takes care of the processing of the data provided by the providers, compares their offers and keeps the database up to date. Do you have any questions about our service? Then do not hesitate to contact us!

Raphael Ferrer
Chairman of the board

Ali Tuygu
Member of the Board

Marcos Steiner
Member of the Board

Fabio Pantano
Head of customer advisor

Marina W├╝thrich
Head of accounting

Vincenza Pantano
Back office

Mathusan Mathan
Back office

Siammin Choophong
Back office

Evelyne Rinzema
Back office

Fabrizio Di Bartolo
Accounting clerk

Sergio dad
client advisor

Cedric Trudel
client advisor

Carmine Massaro
client advisor

Romeu Fonseca
client advisor

Juan Rodriguez
client advisor

Raul Tito

Jenni Novino

Martin Weber
Database developer

Carlos de Souza
Data analyst

Beate Gray
Information security

Markus Wieland
Web developer

Tanja Gloor
Web designer

Reto Hartmann
Android / iOS developer



neotralo AG
Langackerstrasse 33 6330 Cham
044 527 18 00


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