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1. No fees and with just one click to the brilliant offer

Save a lot of time and enjoy professional service! You can fill out our clear form without much effort and we directly compare all offers from the various banks in Switzerland, so that you receive the most profitable offer in a short time.

2. Simple and reliable

The uncomplicated application for your desired loan is made simply and reliably by our experienced employees. With the clever credit calculator from neotralo AG, you can determine the cheapest monthly installments and suitable terms and submit them immediately. Only one form and a few documents separate you from your dream loan.

3. Optimal chances of success thanks to our experience and perfect budget adjustment.

We at neotralo AG convince with experience and professionalism. A trusting cooperation with several banks in Switzerland guarantees you higher chances for a loan with the right budget and approval criteria. Finally, even for the self-employed there is a good chance of success with a need-based loan. Neotralo AG sends your request to the bank with the best conditions and opportunities for your desired loan.

4. First class customer advice

neotralo AG informs and updates all offers and offers the effective and simple debt rescheduling service. So you benefit from the best credit terms and the most lucrative interest. Customer-friendly terms of 120 months, for example, make it easy to change.

5. No loss of ZEK and scoring

Several applications and rejections to various banks are registered with ZEK and have a negative impact on credit scoring. Loans are often rejected by banks, even if a supportive deductible would be guaranteed. Every normal bank is also obliged to log an existing credit request. Neotralo AG therefore checks the creditworthiness and the real chances for the desired loan beforehand. Only then will the inquiries be forwarded to the appropriate bank. Accordingly, the scoring is not negatively impacted and the guarantee of success for the best loan is increased.


If you now send your credit request to neotralo AG, you will benefit exclusively from unbeatable advantages. Save a lot of time and money and get comprehensive advice from our experienced staff! We check all credit conditions and determine the cheapest and best loan with the ideal conditions. Just fill out a form and immediately a comprehensive and quick loan comparison with many different banks takes place, which enables secure and reliable financing for the fulfillment of your projects and dreams.

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So you are interested in a loan in Switzerland. Certainly you have some questions and would like your money to be invested safely and all conditions to be optimized to meet your needs. Here you will find some important information and answers to your questions about your desired loan.

Will my credit request be registered?

An inquiry with neotralo AG does not result in an entry at the central office for credit information (ZEK). The request to the ZEK is only recorded when we forward the documents to the bank.

Who can be held liable for your loan?

Clearly only you! As the sole borrower, you have signed the loan agreement and are solely liable for all components of the agreement.

I need a new car. Which is better: credit or leasing?

There is essentially the difference between buying and renting between credit and leasing. With the conclusion of the purchase contract, which is often bound to a credit installment payment, the vehicle automatically becomes your property. When leasing, the car belongs to the leasing company until the car has been completely financially triggered. Leasing rates can be cheaper and the advantage is that the purchase of a new model is easy to do. This type of acquisition often offers advantages for companies and companies. Depending on the type and setting, both loans and leasing are a safe method to fulfill your dream car dream.

Can I apply for a loan as a self-employed person?

Obtaining personal loans is associated with several hurdles for self-employed people in Switzerland. Banks and credit institutions examine liquidity and equity very carefully before a loan is approved. If you are a shareholder in a company or own a company or a sole proprietorship, the basic requirement is often a two-year existence of the company so that banks promise your financial support.

These documents are required to apply for a self-employed loan in Switzerland:

    • In the case of a sole proprietorship the last, detailed and private tax assessment by the tax authority.
    • In the case of an AG or GmbH, the last three pay slips and the associated account statements.

Can I deduct loan interest from tax?

That works as a private person in any case. You will receive an annual interest certificate from your bank, which you can submit with your tax return.

Can I repay my loan earlier than agreed?

That is also possible in Switzerland. This is clearly regulated in the law and you can also look forward to your right to the corresponding interest waiver.

Can I change banks with the loan?

This works without any additional fees for all loans that fall under the Swiss Consumer Credit Act. A prerequisite is the liquidity check by the new bank.

Attention: Some banks charge processing fees for the final settlement of your existing loan. They can fluctuate between 100 and 200 francs. You will find the appropriate clause in your loan agreement.

Can I apply for a car loan despite existing loan financing / leasing?

It all depends on your financial liquidity. A good option is usually to merge several loans. So you improve the conditions and save a lot of interest. Payment is easier and less complicated. In the case of leasing contracts, it is advisable to check the contractual conditions carefully beforehand.

Your loan request was rejected without a reason?

In general, of course, you must comply with all legal provisions and meet the specific selection criteria of the credit institutions before you are granted a loan. Many banks do not justify their decision. That's why it's worth checking. You will receive important information in writing and by telephone. You also have the option of having your credit rating checked in advance. This will minimize the risk of your loan being rejected.

Do I have to resubmit all documents in the event of a credit increase?

The last three pay slips are usually sufficient for inspection by the relevant credit institution. If your ID expires in the meantime, you will need to submit a new copy. For citizens in Switzerland there is a particularly grace period of 5 years.

Is it necessary to state the purpose of the loan?

In general, this information is of no interest to credit institutions and banks.

Do I have to have a certain income to be able to take out a personal loan in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, you must actually be able to prove a minimum income of CHF 2,500 per month in order to apply for a personal loan.

Do I have to pay for the corresponding credit check?

No. Reputable providers and comparison portals normally do not charge a fee for a professional loan comparison.

What are the advantages of merging loans?

Have you taken out a loan from several banks? We at neotralo AG advise you to pool your loans. So the interest accrues on an entire loan amount. This usually saves not only money, but also time and nerves when managing the contracts. In addition, you simply take out a loan for all of the remaining debt of your existing loans and pay them back in a single installment. If you have paid the installments of your previous loans on time, your creditworthiness has also improved. This has the advantage of lower interest rates for the new loan!

What is the term consumer credit? in Switzerland?

According to the Consumer Credit Act, consumer loans are loans granted to private individuals in the amount of CHF 500 to CHF 80,000 with a term of more than three months. The interest may not exceed a certain maximum interest rate. It is currently at 10%.

What does neotralo AG do with my data?

Your personal data is stored securely internally by us and is not encrypted and transmitted to the bank. We always process your information in accordance with the current and valid data protection regulation. So you can rest assured. Your data is definitely absolutely safe at neotralo AG.

What happens to your credit / loan rate if you lose money or lose your job?

At some banks you can have your personal loan insured. Here usually against inability to work as a result of illness or accident as well as unemployment that is not your fault. If you lose your job innocently, the insurance company pays your credit installment. Waiting periods are not uncommon here.

What documents do I need for a loan request?

A copy of the front and back of your passport, your ID or driver's license and your last three pay slips must always be submitted. If you are not a Swiss citizen, you need a valid residence permit. It may also be that the bank asks for additional documents to check the credit, such as your health insurance policy.

What are the costs of repaying a current loan?

According to the consumer credit law, no costs may be estimated for this. Depending on the bank, fees of between CHF 100 and CHF 200 may be charged for the final settlement.

What are the interest and costs for a loan in Switzerland?

There is no general answer here. The conditions and costs depend on the relevant bank and your own credit rating.

How do I redeem a current loan?

Ask your financial institution about the remaining debt on your loan. You then transfer the remaining debt to the new bank. If you have a promise from your new bank, you can request a transfer offer from your existing bank. Ideally, you should send this offer to neotralo AG. We support you in repaying your existing loan. If you want, we can also take care of the administrative work for you free of charge.

How quickly can I get the money?

The contractually agreed loan amount is transferred to your account after a 14-day cancellation period.

What are the starting conditions for a loan in Switzerland?

To obtain a loan in Switzerland, you must be at least 18 years old. It is also a prerequisite to live in Switzerland or Liechtenstein or to work as a cross-border commuter in Switzerland. If you do not have Swiss citizenship, the bank will definitely require you to present a valid residence permit. A regular income from an existing employment relationship is also necessary for the granting of a consumer loan.

Credit provider comparison

These are the credit providers in Switzerland:

credit providersinterest ratemonthly rateamountrunning time
Lend3.5% to 9.80%CHF 461.81 to CHF 546.52CHF 30,00072 months
cashare3.9% to 9.95%CHF 467.06 to CHF 548.59CHF 30,00072 months
Good finance4.40% to 7.40%CHF 473.66 to CHF 513.78CHF 30,00072 months
Bank-now4.50% to 9.90%CHF 474.98 to CHF 547.90CHF 30,00072 months
Eny Finance4.50% to 8.90%CHF 474.98 to CHF 534.18CHF 30,00072 months
Migros bank4.70% to 5.90%CHF 477.62 to CHF 493.60CHF 30,00072 months
CreditGate244.80% to 9.90%CHF 478.95 to CHF 547.90CHF 30,00072 months
BGGE Geneva Cantonal Bank4.90% to 6.40%CHF 480.28 to CHF 500.30CHF 30,00072 months
Bob Finance4.90% to 6.40%CHF 480.28 to CHF 500.30CHF 30,00072 months
cashgate7.95% to 9.95%CHF 521.24 to CHF 548.59CHF 30,00072 months
from 4.4%

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