Do I even need travel insurance?

Clear answer to the question in the headline: It depends! Crucial for the decision whether a Travel insurance required is or is not, is the price that was or is payable for the trip. We strongly recommend taking out travel insurance, especially for medium to high-priced trips.

Do I need travel insurance at all?

Planning better with travel insurance?

It happened quickly and a fall happened while hiking on vacation. The result: broken leg, stay in hospital, termination of vacation. But the cost of the trip was enormous and should have been in vain?
Another case: Managing Director A is traveling with the family on the long-awaited vacation and has worked in his deputy a few weeks earlier. He suffers a serious accident on the way to his job, precisely during the vacation period. He's been out for many weeks. The result: Managing Director A's return trip, because he has to manage the company. Another absence of a responsible person is not justifiable. The same applies here: nothing except expenses?

In addition to these examples, there are numerous other cases in which travel insurance would be helpful because it pays for the often high additional costs due to an unplanned hospital stay. However, those who are chronically ill must expect to be unable to take out such insurance at all. Because: The risk of cancellation is high and most insurers do not want to take exactly this risk. They also cover themselves completely and list a long list of exclusions from their services. These exclusions also include the chronically ill, as well as illnesses that only occur on vacation, but which had their origin before. In the reverse case, the cost of travel insurance would have been paid for free.

Prefer to travel without travel insurance?

You can only answer this question for yourself. If you are planning a camping trip, it certainly does not need to be covered by travel insurance. However, if you are planning a luxury trip to a five-star hotel, you should think about insurance. You do not have to secure every component and you certainly do not necessarily need vehicle assistance if you are only traveling with a rental car. You should also check existing insurance policies. In some cases, travel insurance is also to be covered by credit card or already included. Vehicle assistance is included in the automobile club contract, and the repatriation may be included in the existing accident insurance. Check your current insurance status and only then decide whether you need additional travel insurance.

Conclusion: Please decide in individual cases

No general statement can be made as to whether travel insurance is useful or not. As a rule of thumb, this insurance is useful for all those who have had to save money on the trip and cannot afford to forego the money already invested due to an accident or an unforeseeable illness. However, good travel insurance costs between CHF 280 and CHF 400 per year, so its necessity should be carefully considered.

Before you do this, you can compare the travel insurance here! Take a look at the small print and the possible exclusions to be on the safe side.


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