In a league with the big ones

The summer of 2019 was written when one of the budding stars entered the comparison portal landscape to catch up with the big ones in the shortest possible time. was born and rose within three quarters of a year to the same league as, and Here, users can easily find all important comparisons to health insurance premiums, car insurance tariffs and much more. is already mentioned in the KGeld with the four big players in the industry and proves to be just as reliable and trustworthy.

Comparison platforms in comparison - KGeld rating (01.04.2020) is an industry size that no one in Switzerland can get past who wants to carry out a financial check. Now this also applies to, because the former start-up completed the KGeld test with just half a grade worse. 

The very good results achieved within this short time make us confident and it can be assumed that the half mark that still separates neotralo from the competition will not be a permanent result. Such a good result can easily be topped! Especially since will have an ever wider reach: Tools in ten different languages can be used to compare life insurance policies. 

This means that not only relies on its customers from Switzerland, but will also build a portal that goes well beyond national borders, with which new users can be reached, who in turn can benefit from the advantages of the comparison portal.

Satisfaction with

Not only the testers of the financial magazine are satisfied with itself provides feedback. ?We are very happy with the result. Already after half a year we are perceived as a Swiss comparison portal and stand next to the big names in the industry in Switzerland. 

It is agreed that the efforts have really paid off since the portal was launched, because right from the start great emphasis was placed on customer friendliness, service, comprehensive results and the ability to contact the providers directly. 

Everything at should be as clear and transparent as possible and that just pays off! In contrast to many other comparison portals that try to make up for missing content with a big name or to hide the receipt of remuneration for mediated insurance, wants to offer an actual overview. 

This gives the user the chance to get an idea of the individual offers and to choose the one that best suits them.


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