No cost sharing with motherhood!

In the case of maternity benefits, the compulsory basic insurance does not include a franchise, deductible or CHF 15 per hospital day.

Maternity includes not only birth, but also preventive checkups and other benefits related to pregnancy.

Tip: The health insurance companies do not always notice on the basis of the invoice received that this is treatment in connection with maternity. Therefore, expressly ask the doctor and the hospital to put the note "motherhood" on the respective invoices.

In the case of pregnancy complications, the cost sharing in basic insurance has also not been owed since March 2014. Up until this point, complications were considered to be a disease, and the woman had to share the costs with the usual deductible and deductible.

This applied, for example, to compression stockings, hospitalization to prevent premature birth, physiotherapy due to back problems, treatment of gestational diabetes, medication to treat an infection, further operations or psychotherapy for depression after childbirth.

The following now applies to medical complications: From the 13th week of pregnancy to 8 weeks after birth, women generally no longer have to share in the costs of maternity. This is true even if the pregnant woman has the flu.

In the case of an unpunished abortion, however, the cost sharing is still owed.

But women shouldn't forget: If you have semi-privately or privately arranged a voluntary franchise in the supplementary hospital insurance, you must also pay this if you are a mother!

Special services provided by health insurance companies

In addition to the costs already mentioned, health insurance companies also assume all the necessary financial resources for the following medical services: 

    • Check-ups during normal pregnancy: seven exams and two ultrasound checks
    • Check-ups during pregnancy at risk: Assumption of costs from as many examinations and ultrasound checks as the doctor orders for medical reasons
    • Birth preparation courses: Insurance bears a share of CHF 150:
    • Childbirth and obstetrics by a doctor, midwife: Pregnant women are free to decide whether they want to give birth to their child in an acute hospital, at home or in an inpatient nursing facility; Service includes several midwife searches up to 56 days after birth
    • Breastfeeding advice: reduced to three sessions; Implementation is imperative for nurses trained in breastfeeding counseling 

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