These are the 3 possible health insurance models for you in Switzerland.

The different health insurance companies in Switzerland insure you in 3 different models. 

You can choose which health insurance model you want to be insured under. The family doctor model, the HMO model and the Telmed model wait for different advantages.

Before you decide on a model, you should find out which one fits your own needs perfectly.

Here we present the 3 variants of the models that are supported by the health insurance companies in Switzerland.

The family doctor model:

As the name suggests, the family doctor model is based on cooperation with family doctors in your respective canton. There you can select a family doctor and undertake to consult this doctor first in the event of illness, in the medical case and also for upcoming examinations.

Your family doctor will then refer you to the required specialists such as an oncologist, a surgeon, a hematologist or a neurologist. If there is a medical emergency and your family doctor is not located nearby, you have the right to see a general practitioner who can help you immediately.

However, according to the rules, preventive examinations such as those at the ophthalmologist and gynecologist are excluded. Here you are completely free to choose and you have the opportunity to consult another doctor you trust.

The Telmed model:

This model offers some advantages especially for families. If you have health problems, you can contact a designated advice center at any time of the day or night. You will receive expert advice from medical professionals at all times and you can be helped immediately.

If necessary, refer the advisor to a suitable doctor. The Telmed model saves a lot of premiums on small matters and also the way to the doctor. Of course, it does not provide a replacement for a necessary visit to a specialist and is only a good addition to medical care.

In general, you must first contact your counseling center so that the participating health insurance company pays all costs. In an emergency, of course, the rules of this model do not apply. Here, minutes can be vital and you must immediately consult a specialist.

Preventive examinations by an ophthalmologist and gynecologist are also excluded in the Telmed model.

The HMO model: 

This model works with the created health centers. You always commit to go to the center preferred by your health insurance company.

General practitioners, physiotherapists, nutritionists and isolated gynecologists are united in one medical center. As with the family doctor model, you also have to contact the general practice of various specialists and will be treated by the participating doctors.

The health insurance then pays for all applications and your medical care.

The relevant health insurance companies in Switzerland will provide you with all information on the individual models. Depending on where you live, there are numerous cash registers that can create various offers for you on request.

Special models: a brief overview

In addition to these widespread savings models, individual health insurance companies offer various other options.

One example is the so-called pharmacy model, in which a pharmacy takes on the gatekeeper function of the family doctor (see family doctor model). This model provides, for example, that customers of health insurance companies only need to purchase medicines from certain pharmacies and that they have to make payments using prescribed methods.

On the other hand, those who opt for the bonus model do not take advantage of basic insurance and will pay less premiums for it next year.

In addition, some health insurance companies offer discounts on supplementary insurance. Policyholders are also free to combine several models. This option exists among other things for Telmed and family doctor models.


Choose one of these models according to your needs and find the right health insurance for you. On high quality health insurance comparison helps you with the selection and helps to ensure that your health is protected and cared for in the best sense.


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