Can I change health insurance during pregnancy?

A lot changes in the life of a pregnant woman with a pregnancy and a baby. The anticipation is enormous: Not only should the living conditions be optimally planned for the baby, the color of the wall has to be decided and the first onesie are in the drawer, but also a few visits to the doctor are now part of the program. 

It is not without reason that many pregnant women are confused as to whether it is possible to change health insurance during pregnancy.

Requirements for a change in pregnancy

Basically, the basic insurance can be terminated during pregnancy without any further problems. The requirements for a change in pregnancy are the same as for a normal change:

  • There must be no outstanding premiums or invoices.
  • The notice period until November 30 must be registered. (Attention: The actual receipt applies, not the postmark!)

Pregnancy is not an illness

Many women have uncertainties about the franchise choice. But here it is very clear: pregnancy is not an illness and all medical benefits during pregnancy are covered by the compulsory basic insurance. Women without health problems can therefore choose the franchise with CHF 2,500, as they are not affected by pregnancy.

Use family discounts

There are no family discounts for primary care, but the unborn child can be registered with the health insurance company. It does not matter whether the father of the children is registered with the same health insurance as the mother and the child. As every year, a premium comparison is worthwhile for every Swiss citizen.

The supplementary insurances are however provided with family discounts. Many health insurance companies offer discounts if several children are insured with one health insurance fund and again if the parents are registered with the same insurer.

Note the waiting period

With supplementary insurance, however, the situation is different from that with basic insurance: if the mother wants to use the corresponding additional benefits for birth and pregnancy, she may no longer change the supplementary insurance. There is a waiting period of nine to twelve months for maternity benefits.

What benefits do health insurance providers offer during pregnancy?

Basic insurance benefits cover the cost of pregnancy. It is not necessary to take out additional insurance for pregnancy, unless the pregnant woman would like to receive private medical treatment.

Services taken over

possibly not taken over

- control

- birth

- midwife

- hospital

- After consultation

- Breastfeeding advice

- ultrasound

- if there is an increased risk: amniotic fluid examination and placenta examination

- the favorite hospital or birthplace

- preparatory courses that are not conducted by midwives

From the 13th week of pregnancy, the costs associated with pregnancy are borne, but if complications arise until then, they are considered to be an illness before the checkout. As with a normal illness, the pregnant woman must contribute to the costs.

From the 13th week onwards, all other costs will be paid without deductible, deductible or hospital contribution.

New regulation: More trisomy blood tests for mother and child

For some time now, health insurance companies have also covered the cost of blood tests for pregnant women under certain conditions. These tests are intended to indicate whether the fetus has trisomy 21 - the so-called Down syndrome. 

Since Swiss health insurers have made this offer available, more and more women across the country are using it. The Federal Office of Public Health hopes that this measure will reduce the number of invasive examinations thanks to the tests. 

Finally, the amniotic fluid tests automatically lead to premature or miscarriage in one percent of all cases. This rate must be minimized. 


The basic insurance can be changed during pregnancy without any further problems, because the following applies: pregnancy is not a disease and is no longer treated as of the 13th week. 

Depending on the insurer, pregnant women must observe the corresponding waiting periods for additional benefits and, if necessary, no longer change providers. 

It is also advisable to study and use the family discounts, as all family members can benefit financially from the discounts.

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